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Our Testimonials

Words from our happy students

"Since I invested in cosmetology course I made over 100,000 dollars profits. Cosmetology course is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased."

Maria Collins

"Thank you so much for all that you have done. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and giving me the opportunity to work under you. With your guidance and hands-on training you helped me with the skills of product knowledge, technique, customer service, and most importantly how to share knowledge with others. With your mentorship I was able to open a full service salon, launch a full product line, and now mentor others.

I will forever be grateful."

Courtney Bradshaw
"Barber crossover program impressed me on multiple levels."
Anna Stuard

"Cynthia is a master at her craft! Not only is she an excellent stylist, she is also fantastic at the business side of things. Cynthia took me under her wing when I was fresh out of cosmetology school and gave me the foundation that has greatly contributed to the success I am today. She is authentic, fearless, innovative, and always encouraging!"


"Every entrepreneur has a story, a journey, a road they traveled down and I'm so grateful Cynthia was a part of my story. She gave me the keys to my first business and the transition was so genuinely and effortlessly done. She understands this industry, knows what it takes to be successful, and she wants everyone to win. She is to be a force to be reckoned with and knows this business like no other."

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